NFT Allowlisting
On Any Blockchain

Collect wallet addresses and assign allowlist roles right from Discord. Easily integrate your allowlist with your mint form and smart contract on any blockchain with support from the top engineering team in Web 3.

Discord Integration

The WenList Discord bot makes wallet collection and confirmation secure and easy for any blockchain.

Mint Form Integration

WenList stores allowlist data off-chain and provides a simple API for integration with your mint form.

Smart Contract Integration

WenList uses merkle trees, so your allowlist can be 100K+ with almost no additional expense, on any chain.

Web-Based Dashboard

Easily manage your allowlist from the WenList Dashboard. Add/remove addresses, download your list and more.

Trusted By 100+ NFT Communities

No one executes with more speed and precision than the WenMint team. Our tools and platform can help you gain an edge in the rapidly growing NFT space.

Powered By WenMint

WenList is a product of WenMint, the #1 Generative NFT Launchpad in Web 3. If you’re launching an NFT collection soon, make sure to connect with the WenMint team. With over 30 years of experience in engineering and startups and over 100 NFT projects launched, you won’t find a more experienced team to help you launch your project.